Climate Change Threatens Our Civilization

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Human Activity is Dramatically Changing the World


Atmospheric Carbon Concentrations vs 100 Years Ago


Wildlife Population Size Decrease From 1970-2018

Metric Tons: Average Yearly Carbon Footprint of a US Citizen

We Must Rethink Our Approach to Economic Development for Our Civilization to Survive and Thrive

The Big Picture

There need not be a tradeoff between ecological protection and economic progress. We can and must protect the environment while creating greater affluence.

We Highlight  Companies Working on Three Vital Issues…

Post-Carbon Industry

Civilization needs to…

1) Find zero-carbon ways to produce the goods and services that will allow us to maintain and improve our standard of living

2) Reverse the environmental effects of 200 years of unrestrained industrial expansion

We look at Carbon Sequestration, Carbon Credits, Next-Gen Nuclear, Renewable Industrial Processes, and more.

Grids and Efficiency

Generating zero-carbon power and electrifying transportation has the potential to cut worldwide carbon emissions by more than half.

But making these changes cannot happen without…

A major renovation to our energy distribution grids and big efficiency improvements by consumers.

The technical and behavioral challenges are daunting but change is possible! 


The development of factory farming and the Green Revolution of the late 60s has allowed civilization unprecedented abundance.

But the increase in agricultural yields has come at a cost we are only now starting to understand.

We must rethink Agriculture!

This means using regenerative techniques in farming and animal husbandry and managing our seas sustainably.  

Featured Companies

We feature innovative companies that focus on helping civilization adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change

Carbon Engineering

Founded by a brilliant scientist and receiving early funding from Bill Gates and Murray Edwards, this company pulls CO2 out of thin air. The oil companies of the future will serve as carbon recyclers.


Founded by Bill Gross of Idealab, Heliogen uses the power of modern computing and the limitless energy of the sun to produce “industrial” heat of over 1,000 degrees Celsius. This technology will allow us to produce zero-carbon concrete and generate green Hydrogen as a power source.


Pachama is using remote sensing, LiDAR, and machine learning algorithms to more efficiently measure the carbon sequestered by forests and fields – a necessary step in making our carbon credit markets work efficiently.

GlassPoint Solar

This company has developed a unique solution for creating industrial steam using concentrated solar power in harsh environments. It is working with oil producers to cut the carbon intensity of oil mining.


This startup in the heartland of Kansas, USA, has developed a patented reactor that turns organic waste into an all-natural, high-carbon soil amendment that allows farmers to produce more crops with fewer chemicals.

xPansiv CBL Markets

xPansive uses Internet of Things (IoT) data to allow financial markets to directly invest in technologies that produce cleaner commodities. In the marketplace of ideas, low-carbon ideas will win.

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